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Administration Topics:

Admin: Load Balance
Admin: Ports
Admin: Postmortem
Admin: Profile

Cluster Heartbeat

Resin's cluster checks its connectivity to the triad every minute, quickly detecting and reporting any connectivity or server problems.

Heartbeat Admin

Health Check Monitoring

Resin's health check system performs a self-test every five minutes to verify that Resin is running properly. In severe cases, like out of memory conditions or deadlocks, the health check can restart Resin, keeping your server running while you debug any underlying problems.

Health Check

Graphs and Meters

The graph and meter service lets you dynamically examine the history of data gathered by Resin's sensor and meter system across the cluster.



You can use the /resin-admin memory graphs for capacity planning or for postmortem analysis. If the memory usage varies considerably, you might be spending more time in garbage collection than necessary. If the memory is consistently low, or is low for an extended period of time, you might have a memory leak. The graphs will give you a starting point to determine what's happening in your system.


Thread Dumps

To debug a server that's slow or stuck, you can use the thread dump page to see exactly what the JVM is doing at a point in time.



The /resin-admin WebApp page gives an overview of all your deployed web-apps, and version deployment across the cluster. You can quickly check on the health of a WebApp and verify that all servers in your cluster are running the same version of the webapp.


The deployment view of the webapp will show the deployment version for all servers in the cluster at once.

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