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The heartbeat admin page measures the connection between servers and the triad servers. Every 60 seconds, all servers send a heartbeat message to the triad servers, so Resin can reliably know the state of all the servers. With the heartbeat, Resin can quickly detect a crashed or restarted server and route around any difficulties.

Heartbeat Admin

Heartbeat Admin

The heartbeat page shows every server in Resin and shows that servers connection to the triad servers. All arrows should be active when all servers are up.

Each server has three sets of arrows corresponding to each of the triad. The first arrows are server A, the second arrows are B, and the third are for server C. The arrows are in pairs, showing connectivity to the server (to the left), and from the server to the triad (to the right).

If the first arrow pointing into the server is valid (pointing left), the triad server A can connect to this server. If the second arrow pointing out of the server is valid (pointing right), the server can connect to triad server B. Similarly, the second arrows tell the connectivity to triad server B.

In the heartbeat page to the right, servers "default", "b", and "c" are the triad servers. Since server "c" is down, the third row of arrows for each server are in a failure state.

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