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You can use the Health section of /resin-admin to check on the health status of Resin and its clusters. Resin's health capability is a set of HealthChecks that Resin runs every few minutes to verify that everything is working properly. Health requires Resin Professional.

If a health check fails, Resin will retry several times (default 3) within a short period of time (1 min). If the server continues to fail, Resin will force a restart and log the status.


Admin Summary

The health check screen below shows a typical display. In this example, the cluster has four active servers, all in good health. The details for the health checks for the first two servers have been expanded. Each health check can include an optional message which gives details of the state. For example, the memory health checks show a summary of the heap state.

Health Check

Health Checks

Resin has a number of predefined health checks, checking memory, basic threading and pinging HTTP urls of the server to ensure everything is working properly.


The Resin health check is a summary for all the children health checks. Its health is the highest warning level of all the children.


The JvmDeadlock health check queries the JVM to see if the JVM has detected any thread locks.


MemoryTenured checks the free heap memory available. If the memory is too low, it will force a garbage collection. If the memory continues to be low, it will fail, forcing a restart.


MemoryPermGen checks the PermGen heap available, where the PermGen is the JVM's memory dedicated to .class files. If the memory is too low, it will force a GC. A continued failure will force a restart.

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