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The TCP Ports table shows the statistics for each port that Resin is listening to.

Reports the current connectivity of the port. ACTIVE, WARMUP and FAIL are the main states
The current number of threads allocated to this port that are actively processing a request
The number of idle threads waiting to accept a new request to this port
The total number of threads, the sum of the idle and active
The number of open connections in a keepalive state
The number of keepalives using a dedicated thread to wait for the next data
The number of keepalives using nonblocking I/O without a thread to wait for the next data
Keepalive Comet
The number of Comet/Async connections waiting for the next data from the application


Typically, this table will is used to check the expected load against the current load. If you see 1000 threads when the server is lightly loaded, there is a likely problem. If you see 0 idle threads, the server is having trouble keeping up.

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