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The <server> directive occurs in the <resin> top-level directive. It allows any Environment configuration.

Multiple <server> directives are allowed as long as they have different id values.

directive meaning default
Environment Any Environment directive is allowed in the <server>
access-log server-wide access log configuration
alternate-session-url-prefix none
bind-ports-after-start false
cache configures the Proxy Cache (Resin Professional only)
cluster configures the server's cluster
ear-default default configuration for .ear files
enable-select-manager enables the poll/select management of keepalive connections false
error-page server-wide error page configuration
http configures a http port
host configures a virtual host
host-default configures default for all virtual hosts
host-deploy configures a deployment directory for virtual host archives
id ""
invocation-cache-size size of the invocation cache 16k
invocation-cache-max-url-length maximum length of a cacheable URL 1024
ignore-client-disconnect if true, absorb ClientDisconnectException
keepalive-max the maximum number of keepalive sockets
keepalive-timeout maximum time a keepalive thread will wait for a new request
<persistent-store> configures the persistent store
ping configures relability checking (Resin Professional only)
port configures a custom port listener
root-directory the root directory for the server $SERVER_ROOT
server-header Resin/3.0.x
session-cookie JSESSIONID
ssl-session-cookie configures the cookie to use for SSL connections JSESSIONID
session-url-prefix ;jsessionid=
url-character-encoding configures the character encoding of URLs UTF-8
web-app-default configures server-wide defaults for all web-apps
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