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directive meaning default
<authenticator> configures an authenticator
<bean> configures a user bean (see Inversion of Control)
<case-insensitive> marks the environment as case-insensitive for URLs and filenames false
<character-encoding> UTF-8
<class-loader> configures the class loaders for the environment
<ejb-server> configures an EJB server or Amber
<env-entry> configures a JNDI constant
<database> configures a database
<dependency> adds a named file as a dependency to the environment
<dependency-check-interval> how often the environment should be checked for changes
<javac> configures the java compiler for internal compilation
<jndi-link> links an external JNDI reference to the local JNDI or renames a JNDI name
<log> configures the java.util.logging log
<reference> configures a javax.naming.Reference object
<resin:if> configures a block conditionally
<resin:import> imports a file into the current directive
resin:message output a log message during configuration
<resin:set> sets a variable or jndi-value
<resin:choose> selects one of a group of choices.
<resource> configures a user resource or bean (see Inversion of Control)
<resource-default> default configuration for a .rar resource
<resource-deploy> configures a directory for .rar expansion
<stderr-log> redirects System.err
<stdout-log> redirects System.out
<system-property> sets a value of System.getProperty
<temp-dir> configures a temporary directory
<work-dir> WEB-INF/work
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