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Excuse me to disturb you. I have seen you created the ActiveMQ page on the wiki, so maybe I just ask you... I'm currently trying to do exactly that, configuring ActiveMQ so I can access its queues from Resin through JMS. But it's tough with the infos I get from the manual or the wiki. For example, I would like to know what to put instead of the three dots in the resin.conf on the page you created. Also, when I add the bit of XML you indicate in resin-web.xml, I get the following error:

WEB-INF/resin-web.xml:28: <resource-adapter> is an unexpected tag (parent
<web-app> starts at 26).

26: <web-app xmlns="">
28:   <resource-adapter uri="activemq:">
29:     <init server-url="tcp://"/>
30:   </resource-adapter>

<web-app> syntax: (@version?, @xsi:schemaLocation?,

and so on...

Do you have any clue? I'm using Resin 3.1.3 and ActiveMQ 5.1.0. Thank you in advance for any answer, especially if you have a practical example...

Traroth 11:30, 15 July 2008 (CDT)

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