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The <persistent-store> configures persistent storage for distributed objects like sessions. The session-config must have a <use-persistent-store/> to use the store.

tag description default
type file, jdbc, or cluster required
init|persistent-store specific configuration



The file store is suitable only for single-server configurations which want to persist the session start over server restarts. It is useful for development servers, letting you keep sessions across web-app restarts.

tag description default
path the path to the persistence directory required


The jdbc store uses a database server to persist the sessions. Requires Resin Professional.

tag description default
data-source a configured <database> required


Uses TCP connections to replicate sessions across the cluster. Requires Resin Professional. In 3.0.20 and later, the sessions are backed up onto two servers, meaning any two servers can go down without loss of session information.

tag description default
path a directory where the sessions will be stored required
triplicate stores sessions on two backup servers true (3.0.20 and later)


<resin xmlns="">

    <srun server-id="a" port="6810"/>
    <srun server-id="b" port="6811"/>
    <srun server-id="c" port="6812"/>

  <persistent-store type="cluster">
    <init path="file:/tmp/caucho/qa/session"

    <session-config use-persistent-store="true"/>

  <host id=>
    <web-app id='/'>
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