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Can I put a filter in resin.conf that gets executed before the filters in web.xml?

I would like to have a filter in resin.conf that always gets executed first in the filter chain to provide stats about the URLs that are called and the response time.

All the web.xml definitions are before the <web-app> in the resin.conf.

Here's some more details:

All the <web-app-default> are concatenated in order. The <web-app> in the resin.conf comes at the end.

In the standard resin.conf, the first <web-app-default> comes from the resin:import of the app-default.xml. The app-default.xml has a resin:import of the web.xml.

In other words, any <filter> in the web.xml appears before a <filter> in the <web-app> in the resin.conf.

You could add a <web-app-default> before the <resin:import> of app-default.xml to add a filter before the web.xml.

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