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When you want to run a task at a specific interval like a report every night at midnight, you can use Resin's <resin:ScheduledTask> bean. The scheduled task will take your custom Runnable bean, or a URL and execute it at the specific time.

The following configuration in the WEB-INF/resin-web.xml will instantiate your custom bean at midnight every night.

<web-app xmlns=""

    <cron>* * 0</cron>

  • The xmlns:mypkg defines the XML prefix for your bean's Java package
  • The <resin:ScheduledTask> creates Resin's scheduled task bean
  • The <cron> defines the schedule times, using Unix-style cron (sec, min, hour, day)
  • The <task> is where your custom bean fits.

Your bean will be any Java class implementing Runnable:

package com.mycom.mypkg;

public class MyBean implements Runnable {

  public void run()

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