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The <host-deploy> directive configures a host expansion directory like the web-app's webapps directory.

Essentially, it's an automatic directory for <host> directives with archive-path attributes.

For example, in the default resin.conf, if you drop a foo.jar in server.root/hosts, it will expand to hosts/foo and be browseable at

It's also possible to create a Virtual Host without a .jar file by creating a directory in the hosts.

<resin xmlns="">
    <host-deploy host-name="www.${}.com" path="hosts"/>
attribute description default
path The location for both expansion directories and archives none
archive-directory The location for archive (.jar) files path
expand-directory The directory where archives are expanded path
host-name An EL expression for auto-generated host names none
expand-cleanup-fileset List of files to delete on redeploy delete entire archive
require-file additional files which will force a reload none
startup-mode starting mode of deployed hosts "automatic"
redeploy-mode mode for checking an redeploying hosts "automatic"
host-default default configuration for all hosts none
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