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40px-Edit-clear.png This article requires cleanup and may refer to a legacy version of Resin.

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Resin configuration can use JSP EL variables in the resin.xml and resin-web.xml.


EL Variables

System environment variables
Information from the virtual host
Contains JVM variables
Contains top-level Resin configuration like ${resin.home}
Values from the Java System.getProperties
Information about the web-app
The directory of the current configuration file.
The current configuration file.


The ${getenv} variable returns system environment variables.

 <mypkg:MyBean xmlns:mypkg="urn:java:com.mycom.mypkg">


The ${host} variable returns virtual host values

The name used for deployment in a hosts/ directory
The canonical DNS host name
The URL for the canonical host name
For host-regexp matching, the n-th regexp expression
The virtual host's rootDirectory
The webapps/ directory in the virtual host


The Path to the JDK's home directory
Any System.getProperty("foo") value
The value of System.getProperty("user.name")
The value of System.getProperty("java.version")


The address of the <server> configuration
The path to the Resin configuration file
The Resin installation directory
The port of the <server> configuration
The Resin content root directory
The unique server identifier specified by -server id
The Resin version
The Resin build date


The Java System.getProperties values, which are set by the -Dfoo=xxx JVM arguments or set by the JVM itself.

 <mypkg:MyBean xmlns:mypkg="urn:java:com.mycom.mypkg">


Variables for a deployed web-app

The unique deployment identifier, like production/webapps/default/ROOT
The name used for the war file like ROOT
The root directory for the expanded war
The web-app's context path as returned by ServletRequest
Values for webapp-regexp matches
The webapp version, if any
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