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The /resin-admin summary page gives an overview of the Database connection pools.


  • Active - the number of Database connections currently in use
  • Idle - the number of Database connections idle in the pool
  • Created - pool miss ratio. Percent of connections new, total new, total connections
  • Failed - number of connections failed to open a database (time is the time of last failure)

The Created statistic has three parts and looks something like "1.2% (12/1000)". It represents the idle pool miss ratio. In other words a measure of how effective the idle pool is.

  • The first number is the miss ratio itself: the percent of getConnection requests that actually create a new database connection.
  • The second number is the number of misses: the number of new database connection creations
  • The third number is the total number of getConnection calls


  • max-connections - the total maximum connections allowed
  • idle-time - the maximum idle time allowed in the pool
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