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Step by Step (Deploying IceFaces Component Showcase Application)

[Tested with Resin 3.2.1 and IceFaces 1.7.1]

Deploying Calendar-Sample Application

  1. Download Resin from
  2. Unzip Resin into /usr/local/share/resin
  3. Download IceFaces 1.7.1 from (a binary package will be needed)
  4. Extract files from the archive and change into directory that now contains the extracted download
  5. Create directory /usr/local/share/resin/webapps/cs
  6. Copy component-showcase.war file from ./icefaes/samples to /usr/local/share/resin/webapps/cs
  7. Extract the archive using jar -xf component-showcase.war and delete component-showcase.war file
  8. From the WEB-INF/lib directory delete the following files: jsf-api-1.2*.jar jsf-impl-1.2*.jar jstl.jar common-el.jar el-ri.jar
  9. cd into /usr/local/share/resin/bin directory and start Resin with ./
  10. Browse to http://localhost:8080/cs

Known Issues

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