Guide to making millions on Runescape

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there is an easuer and faster way:

Make accounts and then follow the infomations showed in the game, and powerlevel your runescape accounts.and then follow these:

-Save your bronze pickaxe so you can mine with it. First, equip that bronze pickaxe in your slot like the tutorial showed you how to do. Then, mine 200 copper ore and 200 tin ore(just find out what it looks like by what they showed you on the tutorial). Next, Take all of that ore and smelt it into bronze bars at a furnace. This will get your smithing and mining up some which is good for later on. Then sell the bronze bars for at least 50-100 each and that will make you 10k-20k depending on how much you sold them for(you can always get more and people will buy more for a higher price. Always keep that in mind).

10k to 50k to 100k

-Keep mining or woodcutting until you get 50k from selling all of that. I know this may take a bit of time but it is well worth it. Once you acquire 50k then go to the mining locations map on that website and look for Varrock East Mining Spot. Once you have found that then find a way to get there from where ever you are at the moment. Look for low power level players around level 6-12 combat level. Then add them to your friends list and if it says they logged on then(make sure you have your money with you) ask them if you can buy there iron for 80 gp each. If they say yes then buy from them, possibly make them your worker. Then buy all of the iron ore you can from them until you have very close to no money left. Thats right no money left. You should get from 555 iron to 625 iron, then go to world 3 and find your way to FALADOR BANK and sell them for 100 each. No less than that. Then that will get you up to 55k or 62k and if you keep doing those EXACT steps except for buy until all your money is close to running out then you can get some good money. Trust me that will work for you. Do that until you have 100k (P.S. If you can get any low level player to sell you iron ore at that place then go to FALADOR BANK and try to buy for at least 90 each).

100k to 1 Million gp

-Thats right. You are going for the big first million gold pieces. I know it seems hard, but don't fret, it's not difficult at all. First, With your 100k go to any world but world 1,3,5 and say "buying all coal 160 each!!!!---"insert username here" (obviously, take the quotes out of that) then people will sell to you and don't be afraid to spend all of your money on coal. BE CAREFUL-- many people will try to scam you, so look at the second trade screen carefully and make SURE you have a CALCULATOR! You should get something from 600-625 coal or something really close. When you have all of that, go to world 1,3,5 and sell for 180-200 each (180 recommended). This will make you 108k-112k, if you sell for 180 each and then once you have enough money(160k) buy 1k coal for 160 each then look on the runescape official forums from the runescape homepage. Go to the top and click on search threads. Look for people buying 1k coal for 180 or 200 each then you will make anywhere from 20runescape gold to 40k profit! After that get enough money for 2k coal and then you will make 40k-80k profit and so on and it will keep adding on 20k to you profit for every 1k coal you buy, then When you finally get 6k coal you will make at least 1.4 Mil!

then you will have a mill and then go on!

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