Migrating from Resin 3.1 to Resin 4.0

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Before installation, there are several changes that you'll need to know in order to migrate to Resin 4.0:

  1. The required JDK version is now Java 1.6. As of this writing, Java 1.5 and earlier have reached the end of service life. Make sure you use the JDK -- the JRE is not sufficient.
  2. The build process for compiling the Resin JNI and installing Resin have changed. Before Resin 4.0, you would install Resin by unpacking the distribution directly in the filesystem. Resin 4.0's configure script now creates makefiles that install all the necessary files in standard locations for Linux/Unix. There is also a .deb package for Ubuntu available. Windows installation is unchanged.
  3. The main configuration file has been renamed from resin.conf to resin.xml.

As a general recommendation for migration, we suggest starting with a clean installation of Resin 4.0, including using the sample configuration. By beginning with the sample configuration and modifying it to match your deployment setup, you'll be much more likely to configure the server correctly. This approach is usually much easier than starting with your existing configuration and modifying to make it compatible with the new version.

Migrating from Resin 3.1

Starting Resin 4.0

For the most part, Resin 4.0 is started the same way as Resin 3.1. One exception is if you start Resin attached to the terminal. In general, you should run a Resin server using the "start" command, but

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