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For critical log messages, you can be notified by email when the event occurs, rather than waiting until you check the logs.

The mail log is configured as a standard JDK log handler with Resin's <log-handler> tag.

resin.xml configuration

The resin.xml configuration for the logger adds a java.util.logging handler using Resin's <log-handler> tag, and sets the logger level with the <logger> tag.

In this case, we're having the MailLogHandler listen for logs under "" classes and at the warning level or higher. Mails are sent to caucho@localhost.

 <resin xmlns=""

   <log-handler name="" level="warning">

   <logger name="" level="info"/>
   <cluster id=""> 
     <resin:import path="${__DIR__}/app-default.xml"/>

     <server id="" port="6800">
        <http port="8080"/>

     <host id="">

       <web-app id=""/>

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