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The Resin Web Server can be installed as a Windows service. To install the service, use:

 (prompt) httpd.exe -install -conf conf/resin.conf

To remove the service, use -remove:

 (prompt) httpd.exe -remove

You will either need to reboot the machine or start the service from the Control Panel | Services panel to start the server. On a machine reboot Windows will automatically start the web server.

You can also start and stop the service from the command-line:

 (prompt) net start resin
 (prompt) net stop resin

The -server option is used if you have multiple JVMs either on different machines or the same machine. The load balancing and distributed sessions topics describe usage of -server.

Resin's -install option saves the command-line options and starts the service with those options. You can look at them in the control panel, under the executable string.

With multiple servers, you can use ""-install-as name" to specify a unique service name.

 (prompt) httpd.exe -install-as ResinA -conf conf/myconf.conf -server a
 (prompt) net start ResinA

There is a bug in many JDKs which cause the JDK to exit when the administrator logs out. You can avoid that bug if the JDK is started with -Xrs

 (prompt) httpd.exe -install -Xrs
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