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When installing Resin as a windows service, you have a few options, including configuring the service manually. The easiest method, however is to use the Resin setup.exe program.


For a simple configuration, the only values you may need to change are the service user and password, because it is generally more secure to run Resin as a non-administrator.


Resin Home
The location of the Resin binaries, which is the same directory as the setup.exe script.
List of installed Resin already-installed services. Choose one or create a new service.
Java Home
The location of the JVM you want to use. Typically the default will be the latest version installed on your machine.
Resin Root
The root directory for your content. Many sites will change the Resin root to something like c:\www.
Resin Conf
The path to the Resin configuration file
Log Directory
The directory where Resin's log files will be placed.
Service Name
The windows service name for Resin, typically "Resin"
Service User
The windows user running the service. It can be a good idea to create a special account for Resin for security reasons.
Service Password
The windows password for the windows user.
The default is usually appropriate. This choice lets you select a different deployment stage for the installation.
Selects the -server value defined in the resin.xml. In a cluster, each server has a unique name that must be selected here.
Watchdog Port
Lets you change the watchdog port from the default 6600.
JMX Port
If you're using jconsole, you can specify the JMX port for the started Resin instance.
Debug Port
If you're using JVM debugging, you can specify the JVM's debugging port for the started instance.
Extra Params
Any command line arguments

starting Resin

By default, the setup.exe script installs Resin in "automatic" mode, which means it will be started when Windows starts, but it does not start Resin immediately.

To start Resin,

  1. go to the control panel / administration tools / services and start Resin manually
  2. or use "net start Resin" from a console (you may need to start the console in secure mode)
  3. or restart windows
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