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Returns an object located using a jndi name, or null if no object matches the name.

 $hogwarts = jndi_lookup("java:comp/env/persistence/PersistenceContext/hogwarts");

If the name begins with "java:comp/env/", then the "java:comp/env/" does not need to be included in the name.

 $hogwarts = jndi_lookup("persistence/PersistenceContext/hogwarts")


Returns an mbean object located using a jmx name, or null if no object matches the name.

 $hogwartsApp = mbean_lookup("resin:type=WebApp,Server=default,Host=default,name=/hogwarts");

If the name does not contain a `:', then it is a partial name and the lookup is done as if the name contained the fully qualified name of the current web application. For example, the following are equivalent if performed from the web-app /hogwarts:

 $foo = mbean_lookup("resin:Server=default,Host=default,WebApp=/hogwarts,type=MyMBean,name=foo");
 $foo = mbean_lookup("type=MyMBean,name=foo");

If the name is not provided, then the object that is returned is the mbean for the web application.

 $app = mbean_lookup();
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