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# [[rewrite-dispatch|Replace Apache's mod_rewrite]]
# [[rewrite-dispatch|Replace Apache's mod_rewrite]]
# [[openssl|How to restrict OpenSSL cipher suites]]
# [[openssl|How to restrict OpenSSL cipher suites]]
# [[user.timezone|How to change the timezone]]
= Clustering and Load Balancing =
= Clustering and Load Balancing =

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  1. Configure Resin with Apache
  2. HowTo enable /caucho-status for IIS
  3. Use a JDBC database
  4. Use Proxy Caching
  5. Enable jconsole/JMX management
  6. Configure a default JDBC transaction-isolation
  7. Add a configuration Function
  8. Redirect a URL in the configuration file
  9. Create a JMS Message Listener
  10. Compress Servlet Output with GZip
  11. Security Configuration
  12. Configure a Virtual Host
  13. Redirect System.out and System.err
  14. Troubleshoot excessive garbage collection times
  15. Use PHP
  16. Specify error logs for each web-app
  17. How to track log messages by thread
  18. Alias a sub-url to a different directory
  19. Include .asp pages
  20. Delay listening to port 80 until after initialization
  21. Add local configuration that survives .war redeployment
  22. Select an XML Parser
  23. Listen for server start and stop events
  24. Replace Apache's mod_rewrite
  25. How to restrict OpenSSL cipher suites
  26. How to change the timezone

Clustering and Load Balancing

  1. Configure a Cluster Configuration Server
  2. Configure Load Balancing
  3. Select a particular backend server
  4. Configure Distributed Sessions


  1. Assign a .war file for a web-app
  2. Use one .war file for multiple web-apps
  3. Restart a single web-app
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