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40px-Edit-clear.png This article requires cleanup and may refer to a legacy version of Resin.

Please visit http://www.caucho.com/documentation/ for the most up-to-date documentation.

A ".war" file is an archive of a Web Application. With a <web-app-deploy> or an <archive-path> tag, Resin will automatically expand updated .war files, simplifying deployment.

Specifying a .war file for a <web-app>

A <web-app> configured in the resin.conf can have its .war file specified with the <archive-path> tag. So automatic deployment can be used outside of the webapps directory.

The following example configures the www.foo.com virtual host to have a single root web-app in /var/www/foo-root/docs. The web-app's content is deployed in a foo-com.war file.

<resin xmlns="http://caucho.com/ns/resin">
  <host host-name="www.foo.com" root-directory="/var/www/foo-root">
    <web-app id="/" document-directory="docs" archive-path="/opt/www/foo-com.war"/>
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